The Brief

Asset Management firm Akportföy approached us with the assignment to enhance its penetration for the Turkish investment funds market and find digital ways to reach potential investors and beginners. ____



My Role:Service Design & UX Lead

Skills:Stakeholder Management, User Research, Ideation, Product Design, UX Writing, Wireframing & Prototyping, Interaction Design, Usability Testing

Type:Financial Technologies

Site:Yatırım Plus

The Project Background

Regulation changes in The Turkish commercial code brought new opportunities for potential market expansion to asset management firms. ____

Before 2016, regular banking customers were not allowed to invest in funds unless they have a special investor accounts which requires painstaking application processes in the physical realm. The change in commercial code allowed everyday banking users to invest in funds. Thus, Funds became the best low-risk investment tool for everyday banking users seeking high return over time.

"Funds became the best low-risk investment tool for everyday banking customers seeking high return over time."

Research & Ideation

We conducted stakeholder workshops and user research to understand business objectives and the unique problems we can solve for our target audience. ____

I led several stakeholder workshops to understand what they really want to achieve.

  • - Enhance penetration for investment funds market.
  • - Target potential investors and beginners.
  • - Market funds as a safe and reliable investment option.
  • - Sell funds to both customers and non-customers.
  • - Design an end-to-end digital journey.

Product design is about solving users' problems. Focusing solely on core interaction is not enough to deliver a holistic investing experience. So we turned to our target audience to find out problems we can solve with this service. We conducted in-depth user interviews and surveys to clearly see the pain points and opportunities though user journey and emotion mapping.

  • - Free, simple, safe and actionable investment advices.
  • - Super-simple transaction flows.
  • - Lack of human warmth with digital financial services.
  • - Jargon-free information.
  • - Step by step guidance.

The biggest problem for our target audience was getting simple, safe and actionable investment advises. They also want to know the instrument they invest in and seek easily digestible information without getting lost in the terminology. I focused to solve these problems and built these solutions around the core interaction. Basically, that defined our Service design manifest: An Easily actionable, informative and low-risk investment tool for everyone.

"An easily actionable, informative, low-risk investment tool for everyone."

The UX Process

Once we agreed on value propositions and solutions we offer, I designed the entire experience starting with the UX strategy. ____


The nature of investment is overwhelming. It's complex, unpredictable and inhumane. This complex journey should be translated into something simple, predictable and humane. I took this as a reference point for my UX manifest. Research findings also revealed that somewhere in their journeys, users needs human warmth when it comes to investing. They simply can't trust a complex interface to tell them what to invest.

"The nature of investment is complex, unpredictable and inhumane. This complex journey should be translated into something simple, predictable and humane."

In order to address the problems above, I designed the entire user journey as on the persona of a personal assistant. it talks to you. Informs you, asks you how much you would like to invest and guides you through until the final transaction.

My approach was merging conversational and traditional UI elements for different purposes. I used Conversational UI for forms and general user flow and Traditional UI for organizing heavy content. This approach also helped me shape IA, UX Writing, UI Design criteria, and Content strategy long before I dive into low execution level and gave me a solid bigger picture of the product as a whole.

User Flows & App Maps

Through user flow diagrams, I mapped out the entire experience. Application maps are also great tools for communicating with the development team in the early stages of product design.


I've outlined the product features through lo-fi prototypes and used them for early validation through iteration.


Although we were targeting beginners, the client asked us to design a product which is also valuable for experienced investors. This became a problem when I start thinking about the amount and type of content that I should present.

I didn't want beginners to get drowned in all those numbers, definitions and hard-to-grasp charts. But if I reduce the amount of information for a beginner then it wouldn't be that useful for more advanced users seeking more detailed data. It turned out that the amount and type of information should be balanced for both personas.

  • My solution was using video content for every fund which explains necessary details in plain language within a minute and made further information like data tables and graphs easily accessible whenever it is needed.
Based on this solution, I iterated different content approaches through wireframe prototypes and discussed them with stakeholders and users to validate that it's perfectly balanced.

iteration one

After validating our features and IA through iteration, I've created high fidelity wireframes for every screen.


Together with the Interaction Designer, We've built several interactive prototypes. Then we used these prototypes for different objectives;
1- Fine-tuning and testing the interaction design and micro-animations.
2- Usability testing of the entire product through Thinking aloud & Guerrilla Testing.


After the UX design process, together with the Head of Design, I oversaw the UI design process.


"I was tired of asking friends for investment tips and how to apply them. Amazing app for small investors!" Irmak Uzun - Istanbul 29

Results & Impact

YatırımPlus got very positive feedback from Investors.


Runner-up winner - Best Financial Application - "Altın Örümcek Awards" 2017.
2nd Runner-up winner - Best FinTech Application - "Red Awards" 2017.

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First 6 Months

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